Videography & Editing


Video conveys messages that words alone cannot. Focused DecisionsSM understands this and invests in the necessary resources to equip clients with leading video technology. With our services, you can take advantage of video as a tool in legal presentations.

Video Production

Focused Decisions produces all video and audio recording in-house, with videographers and technology specialists using the latest professional equipment to create compelling presentations. We use full HD cameras, overhead boom and wireless microphones, and studio lighting to capture the footage needed to enhance your case. Whether you need to incorporate video in a mock trial, focus group, mediation, settlement conference, or trial, we can film:HD-Camcorder

  • Interviews
  • Day-in-the-life videos
  • Instructional videos
  • Deposition videos
  • Witness testimony
  • Attorney argument presentations
  • Evidence videos

Video Editing

Experienced Focused Decisions’ staff use leading editing software and tools to craft the videos you need. Clients with existing recordings, such as deposition video or audio interviews of witnesses, often need only excerpts integrated into trial presentations. In addition to filming new material for your case, our technology specialists can create video clips containing the most relevant portions of the lengthier footage you already possess. Annotating videos to highlight pertinent information and blurring or cropping out non-essential images in your footage are just two techniques we can use to heighten the impact of your videos.