Customized Training Programs

The importance of administrative adjudication has continued to increase in our legal system.  At the same time, public agencies and private organizations struggle to meet changes and new needs in dealing with governmental decision-making processes.  The IAJ has developed customized training programs tailored specifically to meet the needs of agencies and private organizations as they tackle these increasingly complex demands. Whether participants are experienced or new to the job, they will benefit from one of IAJ’s in-depth training programs.

IAJ’s training staff consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in administrative law.  One frequently requested component of IAJ’s training programs is the use of filmed mock hearing exercises where the subject matter taught is reinforced.  As part of these exercises, participants conduct or participate in simulated hearings in a realistic setting.  Portions of the recording are replayed, giving participants the opportunity to see themselves first-hand, and to discuss the issues and problems that arise during the administrative hearing process.

Representative Courses

Each training program is structured in a progressive, logical sequence.  Although the subject matter taught is tailored to your organization’s unique needs, topics typically include:

  • Role of the Adjudicator, Attorney, or Investigator
  • Elements of Due Process
  • Gathering and Weighing Evidence
  • Ruling on Objections
  • Use of Interpreters
  • Receiving Confidential Information
  • Effective Questioning Techniques
  • Use of Expert Witnesses
  • Decision Writing
  • Brief Writing