Trial Presentations & Technology

Trial Presentations

Whether in a mock jury trial or in an actual courtroom, Focused Decisions provides our clients with trial presentations that maintain the jury’s focus on key exhibits and display trial materials in innovative and exciting ways. Focused Decisions adapts to the needs of our clients by utilizing multiple software applications, including PowerPoint and TrialDirector. These applications allow us to build customized presentations that can include:

  • Enhanced video footage
  • Emphasized key documents
  • Synced audio and text of deposition transcripts
  • Annotated photographs
  • Animated Prezi timelines
  • Animated PowerPoint demonstrations


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Throughout our facilities, Focused Decisions has implemented an advanced array of equipment to provide the best possible recording to our clients.  Gone are the distractions that result from the use of cameramen, microphone wires, and two-way mirrors. Participants and clients in focus groups, mock trials, and depositions will feel comfortable at Focused Decisions.  Our high-definition, low-profile, wall-mounted cameras are capable of discreetly recording a crisp high-definition video of your focus group, mock jury trial, training, or mediation.  All audio is captured using our state-of-the-art, low-visibility, ceiling-mounted microphones. Clients will be able to simultaneously view live content on 60-inch LCD televisions from one of our comfortable viewing areas.