Litigation Consulting

Jury Selection

Jury selection can make or break your case. Focused Decisions’ trial consultant is an expert in analyzing human behavior. Maximize your voir dire by receiving tailored advice on what questions to ask during jury selection. During trial preparation, our expert provides case analysis, assistance constructing juror questionnaires, and provides tactical recommendations including identifying exclusionary criteria. During voir dire, our expert is available to work with your team to craft follow up questions, ranking jurors, and making recommendations on using peremptory and for cause challenges.

Jury Background/Social Media Research

Focused Decisions provides the answers to help you make important decisions about your case. For example: What is the best venue for your case?  Who is the ideal juror?  What questions should you ask during voir dire?  What do the answers to those questions really mean?

Witness Preparation 

Focused Decisions’ witness preparation and evaluation process can help you refine witness testimony or test potential witnesses in front of a mock jury.

Lay Witness

Lay witness testimony improves when the fear of the unknown is eliminated. Focused Decisions’ trial consultant analyzes the mock jury deliberations or the legal focus group participant discussions and explains the jury’s assessment of the witness’ credibility. Feedback will be provided by the trial consultants as to how to enhance witness credibility. After Focused Decisions’ witness preparation and evaluation, your lay witness will feel comfortable and prepared to testify.

Expert Witness

Even the most seasoned expert witness can improve his or her testimony after receiving feedback from Focused Decisions’ trial consultant. Equipped with information from the mock jury deliberations or the legal focus group participant discussions, Focused Decisions’ trial consultants will work with your expert to help shape his or her testimony to provide the maximum impact on the jury.

Shadow Jury

Utilize Focused Decisions’ shadow jury program to get answers to questions about the jury in time to make a difference in the verdict.

A shadow jury is a group of people chosen to match the demographics of the seated jury.  Focused Decisions’ facilitators ensure the shadow jury is exposed to the exact same proceedings as the actual jury. Each evening, Focused Decisions’ trial consultants debrief with the shadow jury and provides the attorney with written feedback about how the shadow jury interpreted the day’s events. This permits you to make any necessary modifications in strategy and direction based on reliable information.

Post-Trial Interviews

Will you represent the same client in a future matter? Are you representing a similar client in a different case?  Worried about juror misconduct? When permitted by the court, Focused Decisions conducts post trial interviews with jurors. You will find out what exactly influenced the jury’s decisions, the logic they followed to reach their result, and understand from the jury’s perspective the effectiveness of your trial strategy.

Jury Questionnaires

Focused Decisions helps you discover biases on a micro level using juror questionnaires. Our trial consultants will customize questionnaires to your case. With questionnaires tailored to your case you will find out potential juror biases, select who can be removed for cause, and identify your prize jurors.