Hearing Officers

When Experience, Independence & Cost Matter, IAJ Delivers

The Institute for Administrative Justice (IAJ) hearing officers are experienced, cost effective, efficient, independent, and professional.  For over 40 years, IAJ has provided hearing officer services to federal, state, and local municipalities.  IAJ’s experienced hearing officers adjudicate disputes ranging from simple enforcement actions to complex legal disputes.  IAJ hearing officers have adjudicated thousands of administrative law disputes throughout California, consistently dispensing timely, clear, and concise decisions.

IAJ can be contracted to adjudicate a single action or on an ongoing basis. IAJ’s hearing officers are licensed attorneys who will conduct the hearing, and maintain a hearing record and digital recording of the hearing in the event it becomes needed for an appeal.  All hearings are conducted under the applicable codes, regulations, or other authorities.  Written decisions will be issued within the applicable timelines.

Additionally, the process of hiring IAJ hearing officers comports with the California Supreme Court’s decision in Haas v. County of San Bernardino, 27 Cal.4th 1017 (2002).  Essentially, the court in the Haas case held that a public agency is precluded from unilaterally selecting and paying an administrative hearing officer directly on an ad hoc basis where the hearing officer’s income from future work depends entirely on the public agency’s good will.  When an agency contracts with IAJ they do so via an administrative system that precludes the individual selection of the adjudicator to avoid Haas issues.

Representative Matters

  • Mental Health Certification (5250)
  • Nuisance Actions
  • Zoning and Code Enforcement
  • Animal Control
  • Parking and Traffic Ticket Adjudication
  • Section 8 Housing
  • Bid Protest
  • Additional Hearings Upon Request