Mock Jury Trials & Focus Groups

Mock Jury

A mock jury allows an attorney to try his or her case before going to trial. Focused DecisionsSM provides demographically accurate jurors who will hear your case from start to finish. Then, they deliberate while you watch from a separate room, and provide invaluable feedback to help you improve your trial strategy.

Focused Decisions provides your firm with a comprehensive mock jury experience. Our extensive database allows Focused Decisions to give you a demographically representative mock jury while our trial consultants expertly craft mock jury questionnaires and analyze deliberations.

Focused Decisions has an extensive database from which we select jurors who are demographically similar to those you will see at trial. An accurately chosen mock jury will leave you with a better understanding of how jurors evaluate different elements, gain candid reactions to specific pieces of evidence, and identify strengths or weaknesses in your arguments. Having a deeper understanding of the jurors’ reactions to your case will assist you in making decisions about it, including settlement.

Our facilities provide a realistic setting for attorneys and jurors. Focused Decisions has a full-sized modern courtroom for your use. This gives jurors the feeling that they are in an authentic courtroom and making the final decision on your case, which leads to accurate results. During the mock trial experience, we record the proceedings and jury deliberations from low profile, high definition cameras. These can be viewed in real time from a comfortable viewing room equipped with high definition monitors. Focused Decisions can also stream the proceedings to your office so that other members of your firm can remotely observe. Additionally, the recordings are provided to you with a jury book of our trial consultant’s findings. Give us the opportunity to impress you and your clients.

Focus Groups

Experience our hybrid mock trials by trying key aspects of your case for our legal focus groups.  A legal focus group allows an attorney to test part of his or her case, for example, the opening, the closing, or anything in between, in front of a demographically representative jury.  This allows attorneys to receive specific feedback on key segments of the case and does not require as much time as a full day mock trial.

Focused Decisions provides attorneys with essential tools to make those changes.  You will gain exclusive intel about your case by listening to opinions from potential jurors, analyzing their discussions via video, and working with our jury experts.


Attorneys who use Focused Decisions’ legal focus groups will first meet with skilled facilitators to compile a detailed plan for the presentation. Once the key demographics have been identified, Focused Decisions’ team recruits the desired number of participants to observe the presentation. Facilitators will guide the process of the legal focus group from start to finish, while participants provide invaluable feedback.

After the legal focus group is concluded, attorneys will be provided with any or all of the following:

  • Participant feedback;
  • Videos of the presentation with live feed of participant reactions;
  • A report by our expert regarding the participant feedback;
  • An in-person meeting with the facilitators from the focus group, and
  • Further strategy sessions with our experts

With this information from Focused Decisions, you will be able to formulate your case in the most effective way for trial.



Focused Decisions, located in the heart of Sacramento, is housed on the campus of McGeorge School of Law. McGeorge has a full-size modern courtroom containing state-of-the-art technology. The courtroom also contains a large observation gallery with well-positioned screens that can project images of the jurors for the audience to see the impact of the evidence in high-definition. When working with Focused Decisions, the courtroom with its technologically advanced recording equipment is available for rent. We can also provide the same technology-rich experience in venues throughout the nation.