Focus Groups


Give yourself time to make needed changes and test your case before it goes to trial.

Focused DecisionsSM provides attorneys with the needed tools to make those changes.  You will gain the upper hand by listening to opinions from potential jurors, analyzing their discussions via video, and working with our jury expert.

Attorneys who use Focused Decisions legal focus groups will begin their experience with skilled facilitators who assist with presentation planning.  Once the key demographic for participants has been decided, Focused Decisions’ recruiting team compiles the desired number of participants to observe the presentation.  During the legal focus group, facilitators will guide the process from start to finish while participants provide invaluable feedback.

After the legal focus group is concluded, attorneys will be provided with a menu of informative options.  This information can include: all participant feedback, videos of their presentation with simultaneous video of participant reactions, a report by a human behavior expert regarding the participant feedback, and an in-person meeting with the facilitators from the focus group and further strategy sessions with our human behavior expert.  With this information from Focused Decisions, you will be able to formulate your case in the most effective way for trial.


Capitol closeup

Sacramento is the political hotspot in one of the most influential states in America.  Bring your public opinion questions and campaign platform to Focused Decisions.  With the help of our human behavior expert, you will gain a better understanding of voters and find out the most effective way to communicate your message.

Focused Decisions provides you with a representative demographic sample of your community’s likely voters.  You will witness what is effective in your political message and how public opinion should shape your approach.  Be prepared to see honest reactions from registered voters as your watch in high definition from the privacy of our separate viewing rooms.