Focused Decisions is Northern California’s premier provider for mock juries. Modern facilities in Sacramento and San Francisco.  more

  • Litigation & Jury Consulting

    Focused Decisions is the Sacramento region’s premier provider for mock juries, focus groups, and other litigation services. Focused Decisions, a program of University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, provides attorneys with…

  • Focus Groups

    Focused Decisions is one of the most advanced and versatile focus group facilities in Northern California. While many focus group facilities can only provide part of the package, Focused Decisions provides all-inclusive…

  • Facility Rental & Technology

    Focused Decisions offers law firms, businesses, and organizations a fully-equipped facility to hold depositions, conduct mediations, and arbitrations, host presentations, and collect opinions from customers or other focus groups.

  • Hearing Officers

    The Institute for Administrative Justice (IAJ) Hearing Officers are experienced, cost effective, efficient, independent, and professional. IAJ can be contracted to adjudicate a single action or on an ongoing basis.

  • Training

    The importance of administrative adjudication has continued to increase in our legal system. The IAJ has developed customized training programs tailored specifically to meet the needs of agencies and private organizations…

  • Mediation

    Mediation can produce wise, equitable, cost-effective results, and avoid the need for adjudication. Effective meeting facilitation helps manage conflict and build group consensus. Focused Decisions’ mediators and …

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